Below are the terms and conditions that apply to the use and access to the website software in the subscription. The service is also subject to the general terms and conditions of the Website.

1. Software and subscription

Website is a software and design company that offers web hosting and subscription software.

2. Definitions

Website: Vefsíð ehf.
Subscriber: A person who has purchased access to a software website in a subscription.

3. Subscription of software licenses

A website sells access to an online shopping system, content management system and other special solutions in subscription form. Price is based on the number of users or data space in each type of subscription route. Access is based on one month at a time. Payment is made in advance for each month.

A subscription to the Website includes the right to use the software on the latest version of the software at any time, but you pay extra for specialized updates that involve major changes. The subscription only includes the right to use the system.

If the customer wishes to reduce the number of users or data space, such changes will take effect on the first day of the next calendar month.

Website reserves the right to change the subscription options available without notice. Those who have already purchased a modified subscription route will be notified of the changes and such changes will take effect for the subscriber on the first day of the next calendar month.

4. Additional work and services

All services for a website software, whether in the form of installation, testing, instruction or assistance to the user, repairs that are not due to software warranty failures or any other service that the customer may request from the website, shall be paid for according to the tariff. All such services are subject to the website's general business terms and the hourly fee is ISK 9,900. plus VAT. or according to offer.

5. User information

Username, password and other contact information that the user may provide when creating a subscription are considered "access information" of the user. The user has an unequivocal duty to ensure the confidentiality of the username and password. If there is the slightest suspicion that an unauthorized party has obtained a username and / or password, the user must immediately change the password and notify the Website at if he encounters attempts to access from unauthorized parties.

6. Termination

Termination of the subscription shall take place with three months' notice, but the subscription is not cancellable during the first 12 months of the subscription. Termination must be in writing by e-mail to and delivered in a verifiable manner. The value of the termination is based on the first day of the next calendar month.

7. Retention of data at the end of the contract

In accordance with the Privacy Act, the Website does not store customer data after the term of the agreement has expired or if the agreement has been terminated for other reasons. Data is delivered to customers and then deleted in website systems. If the customer has an obligation to preserve data on the basis of the provisions of law or agreements, it is the responsibility of the customers to preserve such data in accordance with the law after the end of the contract period.

8. Limitation of liability

Subscribers use the modules available at their own risk. A website does not guarantee that certain results will be achieved by using the software.

The website reserves the right to suspend access in cases where there is a necessary maintenance of the environment or when system upgrades take place. Efforts are made to ensure that this work takes place at the time when it causes the least disruption to customers.

Liability The website is subject to the condition that it has shown significant negligence or gross error in the execution of the contract.

The Website is not responsible for the consequences of not being able to provide services due to unforeseen or unforeseen causes (force majeure), such as fires, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters, laws or regulations or other incidents that are not the fault of the parties, or in their power to deal with.

The Website is in no way liable for any indirect or consequential damages, including lost profits, planned savings or claims of third parties against the customer.

The website is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to data loss, nor damage that can be traced to changes in the supply voltage or power outages or other external shocks that the equipment may suffer. A website is not liable for damages caused by the customer's choice of third party equipment or damage resulting from the latter's or third party's misuse of the system, nor for defects or malfunctions in software or hardware. A website shall not be liable for damages that occur during the maintenance period and during the normal work of a website such as data copying and maintenance.

Claims for damages shall be submitted within one year of the loss event.

Violation of Terms of Use

A website may, at any time and without notice, block a person's access to the software and, if necessary, delete it if the subscriber is found to have violated these terms, abused the system or behaved in such a way that it is obvious that the person can not or does not intend to meet the provisions of these terms. Notice of termination will be sent to the subscriber's email address.

10. Changes to the terms

A website may change these terms. In the event of a change, the user will be given the opportunity to accept the changed terms. Acceptance of updated terms is a condition for continued use of the Software. If the user chooses not to accept the changed terms, the user will no longer be able to log in to the software's website and the subscriber will then be given the opportunity to block the access of the user in question.

* Specially designed exterior

Custom design is a specialized change to a pre-determined template that we adapt to the needs of users, if the layout is designed from scratch in Photoshop or Sketch, the cost is ISK 499,950. extra plus VAT.

12. Law and venue

These terms, contracts and offers to customers are governed by Icelandic law. Any dispute that will not be resolved by agreement between the parties shall be referred to the Reykjavík District Court.

These terms apply from 01.01.2020.